What’s New For Superstar Singer Nathalie Paris?

Nathalie Paris’s first EP “Trust Issues” is finally here and we can’t stop talking about it! A three song project incorporating different elements from English pop and Latin sounds. The headliners in the EP are Trust Issues, MIRA, and Can’t Get Enough. A short story line telling through music where you get to know a little more about her. The Colombian singer-songwriter has been spending most of her time in Los Angeles working.

A close source to Nathalie says the EP is related to her personal experiences and feelings about her life in the past years up until now. “This is just a small taste of the rest of her unreleased music” they said. Listening to her new EP, you really get to dive deeper into her personality and multi cultural story, with her incredible ability to sing and speak in multiple languages. Nathalie’s beautiful raspy and powerful voice gives a soothing and sensual experience to her music. She recently got engaged to partner Giorgio Merlino. Source says that this has inspired Nathalie to make more music about love and relationships. We love to see Nathalie is this really happy place with her career and personal life and we can’t wait to see more! Listen to her new EP Trust Issues to find out more. “

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