Restlezz On The Rise Working on new E.P called ADHD

Working on his new E.p called ADHD. Restlezz has been working hard in the lab to put out his next work. The new project will consist of 10 tracks all one verse songs. He said “it’s something light to end off the year and start the new one”. With dropping 2 singles from the E.P already he’s looking to drop the 3rd one at the end of November. Restlezz getting the name ADHD because the newer generation seems to have a short attention span. Restlezz said ” three verses and four or five min songs are too long nowadays. People are on to the next thing or sound before the last one is done. So I’m hoping to get more music heard in a shorter time period” make sure to follow Restlezz on all social media and listen to his music on all major platforms

Facebook @Restlezzbmp
Instagram @official_restlezz801
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