Rene Bonét Releasing New EP:“DRILLNB: Sample Season

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to music. Taste in music expresses something deeper about our identity and apex, a resounding conviction about our own being. Rene Bonét, expresses herself, As you may be aware, the music industry is quite ambitious, and it needs a great level of commitment to stay afloat. When Rene Bonét displays that kind of dedication to her art, She means success. Her tenacity is unmistakable, and She’s dedicated to establishing her brand’s legitimacy by demonstrating her success working alongside her music career.

Rene Bonét is constantly ahead of the curve in her creation process. The top ten charting R&B artist has resurfaced once again to give us another small body of work that is pure nourishment to the ear. “DRILLNB: Sample Season” is comprised of the popular UK Drill music sound blended with R&B and samples from some of the most iconic songs you can imagine, with the EP’s lead single “Wish” sampling the very great but controversial Mr. pied piper himself R.Kelly.

Wish, amply titled, takes pieces from the very memorable song “I Wish” however there’s a slight spin to it, to where she discusses how people feel when you’ve reached success but the wish you hadn’t, with lyrics like “You wish I was doing bad, but I’m doing better”. Rene’s tone and vocal control on this song and the entire project once again exemplifies her experience and confidence in her delivery.
Rene Bonéts’ thoughts on this project was blend all of her favorite styles of music together into something that she would consider her own, and that is where she settled in at with “DRILLNB” which again is Drill music mixed with R&B. To put this project together she reached out to long term friend and collaborator Weku Did That, who aces the production on the project. “DRILLNB” is set to be a series of projects that blend Drill Music and R&B with its first installment being “Sample Season”. Rene Bonét is setting the bar once again with this and is earning the right to be called, “The Queen of DRILLNB”.
For the people who have gotten an exclusive listen to the project, they are saying things like “ this is what Ice Spicee would sound like if she did R&B”. The Virginia native is often compared to many great artist but she has definitely established a sound of her own with “DRILLNB”.

The EP is set to be released on all streaming platforms on 01-20-2023. PreSave links to the project along with links to all her social media platforms can be found below.

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