Key Mung’s song “Hong TaiSan Ken” with Tg Mungpi & Nau Siam

Key Mung’s song “Hong TaiSan Ken” with Tg Mungpi and Nau Siam.  Making this tune was completely different from what I had anticipated. I’ve never sang a hip-hop song before, but I wish to do so because I believe that all musicians should experiment with diverse song genres. So, I discussed my desired singing style with my song producer, Khup Neih. Even though it’s not flawless, my song is nonetheless a smash.

When the beats are done, I ask Nau Siam to contribute to the song’s vocals. We record the song at my house, and Tg Mungpi records it on an iPhone and sends it over in a few days. I therefore changed my verb and may have recorded more than 20 times after listening before mixing. I sent it to my mixing engineer, who told me it was very different from anything I had ever produced before. I’m hoping my music is excellent and I get positive feedback.The Day I relate this song Feb 13,2022. You can still listen right now. 

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