Is Memphis/Florida artist TTK Tenboi the next best star in Music Industry

The answer is yes this kid is nothing but raw talent. The progress he has made in just a year officially on the drill rap scene it’s just astonishing, not a lot of 17 year olds have the knowledge going into the game like he does but the ones that do always prevail and I’ll put all my marbles on this kid to be one of them because what he brings nothing but fire and energy to the table and and labels are hungry to have this kid on the roster.

Being Co-signed by numerous big artist like Takeoff from the trio the Migos, Jackboy, Bow Wow, 2k baby and many more artist he is someone to keep an eye on because he’s on the way to the top if he keeps a good head on his shoulders it’s expected to have such a talent being a Memphis native nothing but huge artist come out that place but with a combined taste of the Florida drill scene the way he can combine the two styles is just mind-blowing and everyone that comes across TTK Tenbois music has nothing but good to say about the kid and he hasn’t even hit the peak of his career yet but when he does the people who did hate, doubted, or had something negative to say about the kid has a hard pill to swallow as he’s going to make them eat those words in the future and I can guarantee that he’s going to be something special.

Stream his music on all platforms and be on the look out for his upcoming project “TTK VS THE WORLD” coming January of 2023

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