Hip-hop Heavy Hittaz Influenced by Music

My name is Freeze , born in Houston,TX I was always influenced by music and also being that I was from the streets and in them. Having ties to Pamona,CA by way of my Uncle. Ties to Louisiana and Arkansas as well. Influenced by the California sounds and drum patterns growing up also as they migrated down to our area by way of the 3 strike laws and as well as Freeway Rick Ross expanding helping feed others it made its influence down here. Along with Artist and shows etc. connecting with people later down the line like TayF3rd and Longbeach E-Will. Growing up my Mother listens to a lot of R&B music which I was heavily influenced by as well. The southern sound was a given being that Texas was a big spot eventually for hip hop groups like Geto Boys, H-Town, and many others. After linking with Longbeach E-Will and discussing things he later brung me up to speed on Monsta Yo. I immediately after hearing “A Monsta Yo Story” I knew I wanted to help in some way shape or form.

I told him whenever he is ready to let me know and I got him on anything musically. During that time Monsta Yo would and still does post multiple artist and shout them out and I remember a specific person named He’s M.U.R.D.A.H RUE. I tapped his page after hearing a song and went down his page and something just told me to keep an eye on him as well musically. He then ended in the same cell as Monsta Yo and I got message he told me the situation and said it’s time….I didn’t hesitate I got right in the studio and sent him 2 songs over and when I tell you the most talented people musically gifted are behind those walls. We need to get them home they are definitely gifted and survived the system. So proud to be able to collab with them we have major projects in the future to come indefinitely. – Freeze
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