Getting to Know Emerging Artist: Iamyungp


About Iamyungp:

My name is iamyungp, I am an up & coming artist from Maryland. Music always been my passion, I love making music, I also have a clothing line called Stonavillellc been doing that for about like 7 years now & it is going pretty well.  I been doing music for about 8 years now I definitely enjoy doing music & and work with other artists & a lot of different producers. My mom always been my inspiration,  she definitely my biggest fan & that’s why I work so hard just to give her a better life.

Iamyungp Upcoming Project:

I am releasing my new video “OUTSIDE” of my EP “Work Don’t Stop” on January 25th & also releasing my new EP title “Trap Luther King” dropping on January 15th on all platforms. Then on February 1st I will be releasing my new single “Cheers” Produced by my brother Therelesmooth, also new stonaville merch coming soon make sure you follow on IG @stonaville_llc @RealIamyungp3


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