Foolish New project Let The Swagg

There’s always something compelling about the power of a vision. There are many of us in this climb that have not tapped into the full potential of the way we can transform our lives by transforming our minds.

Others got the memo way earlier. They understood the code after breaking it and acted out the formula to change various results in their lives. Other people are visionaries like Foolish.

Foolish is a rising artist from outh Florida ft. Lauderdale who is CEO of reality music entertainment. He is quickly rising in the hip hop ranks by releasing quality music focusing on popular trending matters. Having the ability to make records focusing on such a wide range of topics is a gift alone in itself, and also seems to be a gift that Foolish possesses.

His reality music paints a picture of ups and downs in life while giving his fans music they can relate too. Foolish raps about the everyday struggles of survival in the projects while making u laugh and party at the same time. Foolish new project Let The Swagg Talk shows his versatility of spitting rhymes about real life situations from his life and experiences. This mixtape is a great reflection of what foolish is as a artist and storyteller. This project shows the pain along with good vibes a perfect combination of songs and art. Foolish is example of hard work with dedication pays off and leads to success.
His new mixtape called Let the swagg talk the hottest mixtape of the year with reality music that everyone can feel and relate too hosted by world famous DJ Knight atl. Foolish also has launched his reality music entertainment merch store available online with official various gear for male and female.
Foolish – Let The Swagg Talk Mixtape Hosted by DJ Knight ATL (


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