CheekoFUE Is An Inspiration To The World

For many, music is a passion and career. For others, an enjoyable hobby. Most people would no doubt agree with Plato, that music “gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Music’s ability to increase and enhance interhemispheric processing, strengthen visuospatial processing, and evoke emotions which physically affect the brain makes music one of the world’s most powerful agents to heal, teach, and help humanity to lead productive, fulfilling lives. As Hans Christian Anderson once said, “where words fail, music speaks.” CheekoFUE is a Rapper from Miami whos quotes “I used to sell dope now I sale  hope” He is someone who was able to find a way to transform his negatives to positives through music. For example, this Christmas he will be involved in a toy drive to bring gifts to underprivileged families .

CheekoFUE is also part of an annual back to school give away we’re they are given away TVs , book bags, haircuts, school supplies, food, and will have live performances. Cheeko has become a philanthropist and is very community oriented . During one of Cheeko’s Carpet events he stopped to give some influential words to the camera which was later posted by P.Diddy himself. A post like this can be very assuring to a new artist, giving them confidence that the work that they are putting in is being recognized. P Diddy also known as LOVE Is a Billionaire Rap Mogul who is also the founder of RevoltTv has  many hits during his run as an artist, so whomever he highlights is a very lucky individual.
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Music: SINGLE – Couple Racks
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