Casawi Is a Rapper From Luxembourg Return With New Track Darwa

Many people listen to music in many different ways. They create a style or listening pattern that brings out the most enjoyment for them. However, just being a listener of music only scratches the surface of the music enjoyment experience. There lies another layer or ‘dimension’ if you will underneath. This dimension is reserved for the one who receives ‘the spirit thought to inspires poets’. The musician creates as well as listens. He will ponder the music with a deeper appreciation, more feeling, and all done for the love of it.

After all, starting write music and singing from scratch is one of the scariest things in the world. Instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong, think about the things that could go right and how one day, your name could fall in the list of best artists. The artist from Luxembourg celebrates his return with a more than explosive clip. Casawi is a man who has come a long way. In an interview with our colleagues from urbantracks a short time ago, he confessed, implying that music saved his life. After going through a very dark and more than complicated period, the rapper had managed to get up. He then chained single on single, gathering more and more supporters on each of his outings.

Today, Casawi is back with the track “Darwa” followed by his explosive clip. This new release caused a stir, since the clip was relayed by all the specialized press, but also by the local media. The “Darwa” clip has so far accumulated nearly 700,000 views on YouTube. A more than honorable score that portends good things for the future.

Waiting for more news regarding the preparation of a new project. soon, Casawi continues to fly the colors of Luxembourg.




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