A Day in the Life of R-Dog (Robotic Dog)

As time marches forward, we are seeing many new technological advances consistently presenting themselves.  We may not be in flying cars yet but the robot world has definitely come a long way. TLC Creative is happy to introduce its new and exciting team member named R-Dog. Let’s go through a day in the life of TLC’s new robotic dog.
After being tested by engineers, the robotic canine was already being trained to learn new tricks and commands. While at TLC Creative’s headquarters, Jeremy Strong (creative director for Jason Derulo) met with R-Dog and immediately said yes to working with him. With Super Bowl LIV being only a few days away at the time, Jeremy Strong, TLC owner Kevin Bilida and the engineers taught R-Dog some dance routines so that it could hit the stage with Jason Derulo at the Super Bowl.
While the team worked on “dancing dog”, Kevin boarded a flight to Toronto where R-Dog accompanied him for a Nike Shoe launch.  R-Dog presented the newest shoe technology with a stride down the runway, the new shoes resting on his back.  The added attention from such an unusual introduction of the Nike product was well received with photos, videos and even a few people asking to meet R-Dog who went up on his hind legs for a quick handshake.
Then after the superbowl our pack of Robot Dogs along with our 2 BOTS went to the Herbalife Los Angeles event and entertained the crowd and delivered the magic envelope that was the announcement of next year’s convention.
Crossing the country, the TLC Team presented at The Special Event & Catersource Tradeshow in Orlando.  R-Dog had his own stage to attract interested visitors. He was joined by TLC’s latest robotic additions, Robotic Arms capable of handing out brochures and pouring a drink for thirsty visitors to the booth.  More about robotic arms in our next blog post. Also, visit tlciscreative.com to stay in the loop.

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