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Getting to Know Emerging Artist ‘J-SMOOL DA BOSS’

Jerry Roberts, known for J-SMOOL DA BOSS was born and raised in a small country town called Americus, Georgia, which is my hometown. He ...

SME DRO$E Does Things His Own Way With “Out Da Mud”

Lancaster, Pennsylvania artist SME DRO$E returns back to the scene with his latest hard-hitting single “Out Da Mud”. This is DRO$E’s first ...

Bone$ the spitta Musician and Producer – Exlusive Interview

Journalist- Hello !!! How are you ?  -Heyy I’m doing good staying focused and working hard Journalist-Please, Introduce yourself? Bone$ the ...

Keonche Hines: The Talented Comedian and Actor

Life has not been kind to Keonche Hines, who has faced more than their fair share of challenges. Despite numerous obstacles and setbacks, ...

SatinSays continues to ascend in her unique gifting as she leads her Tribe

In the realm of spiritual advising, it is essential to navigate through the varying levels of expertise and authenticity. While some ...

What’s New For Superstar Singer Nathalie Paris?

“Nathalie Paris’s first EP “Trust Issues” is finally here and we can’t stop talking about it! A three song project incorporating different ...

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